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We carry a wide range of HD video surveillance systems including HD over coax and HD-IP camera systems. Our experienced security camera consultants will meet with you at your home or business to review your needs and concerns. They will provide you with a solution tailored to your specific requirements for a camera system that is easy to operate and fits your budget.


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When it come to designing and installing a fire alarm system at your commercial property, Surveillane Triangle knows all the ins and outs.Our team will evaluate your property and help design a system that works for you.

We can ensure you're equipped with the top-notch protection of modern hi-tech smoke detectors. 

With years of experience, Surveillance Triangle has long been one of the best fire alarm companies in Chicago, providing premium service to ensure your space is safe and secured with a customuzed solution.

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Surveillance Triangle is Chicago's premier 

home and commercial alarm systems design and installation company. We offer smart security solutions for businesses of all sizes and we also develop custom solutions and intergrate them with your existing systems. 

Our process always begins with an extensive on-site evaluation. 

Using the information gathered during the on-site evaluation, our team of  burglar alarm system designers engineers a customized alarm for your property. 


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Access control systems are an absolute must-have within the business industry to help maintain a high level of office and site security. Surveillance Triangle can provide you with a suitable solution that will fit your needs and help protect your site efficiently.

Access control systems we offer include: intercom systems, keypad entry systems, and card/fob entry systems.

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